Lucy – how did she meet him!

Lucy.. it was not he who found her; she was the one who found him..!

To steal away her childhood, to push-away a few weeks old baby from her mother, is our society heartless, I wonder!

It is 5AM in India. A young man in his early 30s is on his vacation. He is slowly getting used to the new time zone. Where he is from, it is twelve and a half hours to 5AM! He got ready and head out for his morning walk. He rides his motorcycle 5 minutes to a well-lit street where he leaves the motorcycle and do his morning walk. He followed his routine as usual that day, little did he know what the future had for him!

Sun is not here yet! He locked his motorcycle, put on his headphones, started playing the podcast on Advaita Vendanta from where he left last day, turned on his steps-counter and started jogging . After a few minutes, he slowed down to speed-walk. He walked around 3 kilometers after which he was about to turn around.

As if she was waiting for him for ever, she spotted him and ran to him! He noticed when she was close enough to touch him. He was overwhelmed by the cuteness of that a few weeks old puppy – Lucy! He picked Lucy up with both hands and played with her for some time.

Figure 1: Lucy excited to have a friend

There were 3 people nearby talking to each other and staring at him occassionally. Are they watching Lucy and me playing or is Lucy with them, he wondered. He thought Lucy accompanined them for a morning walk. So, he decided to part with her. It was a struggle for both of them. He asked Lucy to go the other way towards the three men, but how much can a few weeks old puppy understand! He would then try to walk away and Lucy would try to catch up with him. After a few tries, he managed to leave Lucy towards the men and continue his walk back to his motorcycle.

He made it back to his motorcycle, but he found himself still with Lucy in his thoughts. He wondered if the men knew Lucy at all! What if Lucy lost her way back home somehow! What if Lucy was abandoned! What if Lucy lost her mom and is alone! Worst! What if Lucy gets into an accident; she was on the roadside when he left her; she is neither old enough to stay away from the road nor fast enough to run away from a speeding vehicle! He was overwhelmed with thoughts, he started his motorcycle and rode it to where he found Lucy. She is not there!

This is exactly where he found her, and yet she is not there. May be, she actually was with one of the men and went home with them. When he was about to turn, he saw her, at a distance, staring at him from behind a coconut tree. The moment she confirmed it was him, she ran to him with those cute little legs. She rounded his motorcycle a couple of times in an effort to get as close to him as possible.With one hand, he leaned and picked her up.

Figure 2: Lucy on her first day; tired

He was overwhelmed with happiness. She was shivering in that cold. He patted and massaged her gently to keep her warm. After a few minutes, he kept her on his motorcycle and kick-started it. Alas! She fell down! As he slowly rolled his motorcycle forward, she tried to walk on the motorcycle and fell down!

Figure 3: Lucy wants to stay as close as possible

He suddenly took his hands off the clutch without changing the gear to neutral. Usually, this would result in a strong lurch forward and loss of control. But, Gods were with him. The motorcycle just turned off. He was worried Lucy was hurt from the fall. He leaned down and picked her up again. He inspected her legs one by one. He held and massaged each leg to see if she is in pain. She seems ok. She looked at him as if the fall was nothing compared to what she has been through in past days!

Figure 4: Lucy survived the fall

This time, he was more careful. He changed the gear to neutral and kick-start the bike all while holding Lucy with one hand. She is a quick learner. Instead of trying to walk on the motorcycle, this time, she moved close to him and held him with her tiny little paws. He didn’t want to take chances though. He slowly changed the gear to first and rode the motorcycle at a low speed all the way back to his home. All the while, she held on to him.

Figure 5: Lucy on the way home

It took days for her to get accustomed to the new environment. It took weeks for her to forget that traumatizing experience of abandonment. She had a good sleep after how many days who knows!

Figure 6: Lucy having a good sleep after coming home

Now, she has a partner – Tiger. Although they fight with each other and don’t like to share food, they like each other’s company. Tiger is the naughtier one. He keeps Lucy on her toes steeling her toys and making her run after him.

Figure 7: Lucy and Tiger taking rest after running around
Figure 8: Lucy and Tiger acting innocent when they saw the camera!

They both have their routine play-time during when they learn new commands and play fetch.

Figure 9: Lucy going for the ball
Figure 10: Lucy’s touch down!

What would have happened if he didn’t go back to check on her!
What would have happened if she didn’t find him!
Some questions are better left unanswered..!

Figure 11: Lucy likes to pose for the camera!
Figure 12: Lucy’s favorite sitting posture
Figure 13: Lucy and Tiger planning a mischief – attack the rooster which is twice their size!