automate graphical user interface…how???

Those who are fed-up doing the same things a thousand times thinking that using the mouse, moving the cursor over the right place, selecting the right options can be done only manually can sit back and relax now. It too has got a solution. Surprised…,huh??? I’m not joking and also you can trust fully, its an invention from the real MIT(Massachussets Institute of Technology).
Suppose you want to do the same thing on every login, don’t worry just write a script once and you just need to run it on the login time.
Happy now? At least some of you might have thought that it would be better if could automate GUIs; to all those, dont worry anymore MIT has a solution now. Dont worry you have to learn a new language for it. Its just python which is very easy to learn and also you dont have to worry saying you having to code all the stuff manually where to click!!!!!!!Thats where the real fun begins…
There is also option to select the area where to click with your mouse…Now i’m sure you’re realy impressed.
Logon to and see the videos they provide and read more on it…

To all Engineers:Get inspired from what those MITians have achieved and come up with new amazing inventions for the world