uHerbert Level-1 solution

uHerbert is a really nice program to improve your programming logic. Try solving it. Let, my this blog, be an inspiration for you. Go through this LINK to get more insight; I am sure you will like it.




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7 thoughts on “uHerbert Level-1 solution”

  1. Hi,
    As per solution provided for level 4 :
    Your solution is just one character more (33) than the constraint (32)
    But still got only 480 points out of 1000, though it covers all white dots. (and also some grey dots). Why, Pl explain

    1. Reduce it to 32 and you will get the rest. Any solution of 32 will get you only 480. They give more points because reducing from 33 to 32 is tougher compared to reducing to 33. Hope you got it. By the way, solution for level 5 is ready with me (1000points). Did you try that?

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