What if our Universe is just a game controlled by some super-intelligent-creature?

What if our Universe is just a ‘Civilization V’ game for some super intelligent creature?
May be because I spend these days more in front of my laptop ordering my civilians to do research on nano-technology, atomic energy etc and my military to be alert on neighboring kingdoms and attack on my command, I got into this doubt. The characters I control doesn’t know about me. They just experience some force which makes them do things in their world.
Think of a situation where two humans play multi-player game of ‘Civilization V’ or any other strategy game. They build city centers with mud and stones at the initial stage, civilians will depend on agriculture for food, military units uses axes as weapons. A very familiar story, isn’t it? Yes, this game is inspired from our ancestors’ life. Then they gradually do research and develop their methodologies and improve their way of life. Every small inventions lead to new inventions and changed their life drastically. They go through Classical era, medieval era, industrial era, modern era. Their production increases a lot. Yield from every square-feet of land upswing with fertilizers and mechanization. With the invention of electronics, computers and atomic bombs the characters in the game will even with our real world.
Now consider yourself in the place of those characters in the game and think of some creature, with high intelligence, playing the game. Since we like to think as God’s hands behind all unrevealed mysteries, lets call him God. Who knows if this is the reality and what we think happening around us as reality is not?
Many religions mention this world as ‘MAYA’ meaning ‘not real’. For the characters in the game we play, the world we create for them is real but we know that its not. When we see them worrying for some loss, say an enemy flight bombed their city centre, do we worry for the loss? We don’t because we know that didn’t happen in real. It can be re-built. The loss they had is not really a loss. Its all a virtual world. Why can’t we humans have this mentality? Lets not worry for our silly losses. Lets have a strong heart and confidence and all the losses we incur are not really losses and it can be regained in no time, if not at least move on. Lets have a life full of happiness.

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A strong believer of: 1. Knowledge is power 2. Progress comes from proper application of knowledge 3. Reverent attains wisdom 4. For one's own salvation, and for the welfare of the world

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