A strange dream I had today..!

Today, 09 Dec 2012, I had a dream. I was taking a nap after my black-tea at four. I won’t call it bad since I believe “Dreams are just dreams!”. Don’t confuse this ‘dream’ with the ‘dream of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’. Anyway let me start.

I was traveling in a low-floor bus in the midst of a fully crowded city. A city I have never been before. Both sides of the road is filled with skyscrapers. I was occupying a seat in second last row in the bus. I could see entire happenings inside the bus. Almost all seats of the bus are occupied. I was thrilled to see the place and was trying hard to make sure nothing was missed out from seeing. The bus  went on making stops, letting out and letting in passengers. The automatic door of the bus opened and closed with buzzing sound for every stop. My eyes scanned through each and every face. The bus slowed down and I could see a bus-stop nearing. The bus stopped and the dooropened, everyone got in. The door closed and the bus slowly started moving. A lady from nowhere, wearing a variant of red color saree, caught the handle of the door and and hanged on to the bus. I could not see her face. She was facing opposite side. I shouted to the driver and conductor to stop the bus and let her in. But I was surprised to see them ignoring me. They were as if that was a very usual thing for them. Every passengers were comfortable with that. A few who were uncomfortable did not speak up. Even the lady hanging on to the door seemed happy with that. She blocked a part of my sight and I could see anything in front of her. The bus traveled long distance without any stops and then neared a bridge. Some construction was happening there. The road was constrained with a container full of construction materials and machineries. The driver, ignoring those, sped to over-take another vehicle. I made a rough calculation to realize the road hardly had the width to let a bus pass through and the lady outside the bus will be hit by the container. Before I could shout, it happened. A big sound of a metal hitting a human body. And suddenly saw through the window, someone thrown to the rear end of the bus. Entire passengers screamed. I was stunned. It was like, I got detached from my body; I could feel every tick of time. A few seconds passed and I got back to my consciousness. I got out of the bus. A person ran, in front of me, to the injured and lifted him. I could not believe my eyes. It was a very small child. How did the child come into picture! That question skipped out of my lips and another sound replied back: the child and his mother was seated near the window and the child was hanging on the bars of the window. He might have jumped out the window before his mother could catch him; the part of my sight the lady hanging on to the bus blocked from me. The man who lifted him shouted that he is alive with very few injuries. I ran to him and took the child, called for a taxi. A young girl accompanied me. We took him to a hospital which the taxi driver was very confident about. I was afraid if the child was having any internal injuries. From the hospital, we were redirected to the doctor’s home, where the doctor was available. The staff of the hospital convinced us that the doctor had all the necessary equipments at his home. We sped to his home. Reaching there, I ran to the inside of his home. I could see a few familiar faces there. I explained the entire incident. A very old lady with a weird face asked me, how I knew if the child is really a child and not a grown-up with congenital growth-hormone condition. That made me very angry but I controlled myself since I had no time to waste on her. The doctor came out after consultation with the happy news that the child is absolutely alright. He offered me a chair. He listened to my version of the incident. He left for a few minutes to make some phone calls. In between, the maid offered me a drink. I fell asleep soon after I had it. When I woke up, the doctor was beside me. He explained me the entire situation. It was the lady who was hit and thrown away in the accident. She died on the spot. The rest was the creation of my mind which fell into a psychological trauma. I took no one to the hospital, no-one accompanied me, I caught no taxi, instead I was running bare-foot to the hospital. The frightened nurses in the hospital called the doctor and the male staff took me to his home in ambulance, since he was one of my best friends…


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