to all keralites…

Today, 24th january 2010. I had a glimpse on Malayala Manorama news paper. I was shocked to read the news of a 15 year old girl, Aarya, who lost her foot in an accident in Kayamkulam. She is from Muthukulam which is very near to my house. She stepped down from a bus at civil station and was walking to KSRTC bus station to go to KPAC junction. The car then came fast out of control and its tyre went over her right foot. A driving student drived the car. The girl had to cut off her foot. Now think my keralites… where is our KERALA going? what is this girl gonna do without her foot which GOD gave her? Don’t our govt have any resposibility to check on road accidents? We pay tax for living here, for using the roads, and its our tax money the govt use to pay for govt officials. But police officials forget this and come to road to ensure everyone uses helmet and everyone follow traffic rules only when they need some money to party with their colleagues. I would say unless we react this is gonna repeat for ever…

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