My inaugural post.My first step into amazing world of “BLOGGGGggg…..”

Hi friends,as you all know (note:90% dont know) I am Sreejith, a village boy, mind full of ambitions, brain full of computer and the destinies i should take over before i go back to “HIM”.Now its around 8:30pm.If my computer time is right exactly 8:32pm june 5,2009.I have gone to college today although i am having vacation. Don’t think i am having any back-papers.I went to college because i don’t want to spoil my precious time of my great LIFE on my bed.I at last started BLOGGING after hearing from my Sir Mr.Vipin Pavitran and my really helpful Seniors: Varun Rao, Varun Ramani, Rishi, and of my same age Shn,nm,obhit. They have gone far ahead than me in blogging. I took a peep into their blogs and got shocked seeing the products of their creative mind. Vipin Sir told about the blogging to me to make me compete for the summer of blogging contest of the college. But I dont want to compete this time. I realised i have to go a long way before i should take part in that.
I look forward in making my blog a resource to my colleagues and all human beings to increase their knowledge and for tackling their problems they face in life (mostly in computer field as i am doing my degree in comp sc.)
So as conclusion I formally announce my first and foremost BLOG’s inauguration has taken place.

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A strong believer of: 1. Knowledge is power 2. Progress comes from proper application of knowledge 3. Reverent attains wisdom 4. For one's own salvation, and for the welfare of the world

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